Why Cyclext Separators? Simple choice – Serviceability

Why choose Cyclext Separators over other bladed design separators? It’s really a simple choice – Serviceability.

Other bladed designed separators are a single welded assembly. Doing this makes cleaning and inspection of critical internal components virtually impossible. Some versions have a “Clean-Out” at the bottom. This only gets you up to a baffle which blocks the main blade/discharge tube. When they become clogged, they are unserviceable, unrepairable, and unusable without major efforts.

The trademark design of the Cyclext Separators solves those critical flaws and make them different and unique. Users are provided a 4″ Clean-out port at the bottom but have more options. The “Break-apart” design allows users to completely disassembly our units for inspection and cleaning in the event the unit is clogged by large(>2″ in size) debris.

This is the hallmark of the Cyclext Separator Platform. Complete serviceability. Our design is currently Patent Pending with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

For more information, please register on our website or email us at sales@cyclext.com for more information

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