Cyclext Press Release- ZGF/CST Partnership

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Rick Bovensiep
President,Cyclext Separator Technologies, LLC
Phone: 248-379-8581
Email: rbovensiep@cyclext.com
To:General Public(Internet Release)

Cyclext Separator Technologies is proud to announce that we have partnered with Zero Gravity Filters in Brighton, Michigan to bring the Cyclext Gen-II Separator to market.
Zero Gravity Filters will be adding the Cyclext Gen-II Separator to their already impressive line of separators & filters like the Phoenix and Maggie. We were honored to debut all these products at the IMTS Expo in Chicago this year. Sales of the Cyclext Separator should begin January 2019. Please check www.zgfilters.com for more information and a list of distributors for all their products.

Zero Gravity Filters has put a new twist on centrifugal separators with the introduction of the innovative Cyclext Gen-II Centrifugal Separator.















The patent pending Cyclext Gen-II Separator is the future of centrifugal separation technology.  The innovative separator utilizes an internal blade design.  The blades create a unique and beneficial flow path through the separator that increases “G – Force” resulting in more effective and efficient particle removal.

If you are for looking economical particle removal in the following applications,  the Cyclext Gen-II Separator is your new choice for centrifugal separators.

  • cooling water
  • nozzle protection
  • surface water (lakes. rivers, ponds)
  • quench fluids
  • metalworking – machining and grinding

Email sales@cyclext.com for more information or media inquiries.

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