The future of centrifugal separation is here and even better! Cyclext Separator Technologies introduces our Patented Bladed Separator specifically designed for the Oil & Gas Market, “Cyclext-HP™”.

Cyclext Separator Technologies, LLC is proud to introduce the Cyclext-HP™(High-Pressure) Centrifugal Separator. With CST’s patented blade configuration we go where no other bladed centrifugal separator has dared to go, the Oil & Gas fields around the world. This new separator is capable of pressures over 10,000psi and flows up to 50ft/s(500gpm). All of our separators are designed to provide full-flow filtration down to 50 microns, making them an excellent solution for a variety of industries. Our patented blade technology directs the fluid into a high-velocity spin which exceeds 200g’s! This forces all the sand/debris towards the outside while allowing cleaner fluid to stay inwards. This high-velocity spin carries the sand/debris past the discharge slots allowing only the cleanest of the fluid to exit the separator. Once past the discharge slots, the sand/debris is able to settle at the bottom where it can be purged out.

Cyclext-HP Separators are designed and fabricated as per ASME Section VIII,Div 1 2017 Edition for use in oil/gas field locations


  • (3) 3” Acme Threaded Connections (Flanged options also available)
  • (2) 1″ Threaded Ports
  • Fully Welded Steel Frame
  • Nation Board Registered
  • Vessel Post-Weld Heat Treated
  • RT1, Radiographic Tested
  • Painted to your specific color
  • Skid: 198″High x 68″ wide x 77″ long
  • Approx 14,000lbs(Dry)

 We also offer:

  • Optional Containment or Walkway
  • 1″ threaded 10,000psi Pressure Relief Valve.

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