Cyclext Separator Technologies, LLC is proud to debut the revolutionary new series of Cyclext Centrifugal Separators. CST’s new patented slot/blade configuration we go where no other centrifugal separator has dared to go, horizontal. With the horizontal co-axial inlet/discharge, putting a separator in the rafters or down in a trench possible!
CST’s separators feature the familiar 90° inlet/discharge configuration of standard separators and can also be used both vertically or 45° without degrading the high-performance standards we have at CST.

All of our separators are designed to provide full-flow filtration down to 50 microns making them an excellent solution for data centers, cooling tower applications and petro-chemical industries. Since these separators provide filtration without any kind of barrier or any moving parts, they require little to no maintenance. Sizing is available from 2” up to 18”, with grooved and ANSI flange connections, we can provide a solution for most flow rated seen in the market.

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