Why chose Cyclext Separators for your project? Simple, we did our homework.

Why chose Cyclext Separators for your project over the competition? It’s simple, we did our homework.

Flow and filtration are not the same thing. Our competitors designed their separators with flow modeling, ours was done with partial modeling.  Doing that highlighted a major flaw that the Cyclext brand separators solved. With the unique blade design and fluid passages we are able to provide better filtration.

Here is our competition’s idea of filtration.  The red balls represent 50 micron Silicon particles. Notice how many leave the tube and the particles are not carried down the outside. (Even with the Clean-Out port on the bottom, the end user still cannot clear any clogs in the discharge pipe. Single piece welding also does not allow for cleaning or inspection)

Here is our idea of filtration. Again, the red balls represent 50 micron Silicon particles. Now notice how many leave the tube. This patented design allows us to have this level in all of our three lines of separators. Our patented design also allows our unit to be completly disassembled for inspection and cleaning is required.


, Cyclext-Angle or Cyclext-Traditional all provide the same high level of filtration needed for your critical infrastructure. Add one of our Purge Timer packages for the optimal “Hand Free/Full-Flow” filtration packages available.

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